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TRF Armoury 2020

About Us

By using the same tools and techniques utilized in the 15th century, we carefully hand craft historically accurate plate armour for reenactors, collectors, LARPers and more.

History has provided us many wonderful and unique suits of armour and each period has its own different advancements allowing it to continue to defend the wearer as weapons and armour constantly evolved over time.
While we work mostly with 15th and 16th century armour and strive to make them as accurate as possible, we can also create other period pieces or even a unique custom plate armour designed for any individual.

Armoury 2019

As a young boy Dez Armstrong was always interested in battles, weapons, and armour. This interest brought him to the world of Live Action Role Playing. It was during this time he began making armour for himself to wear as he participated in various fighting groups like Amtgard, Dagorhir, and Belegarth as well as dressing up in armour at Renaissance Festivals.

It was at the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) where he began asking questions and fueling his fascination with the armouring world through Valentine Armouries. After he was offered a position with  Melvin Wright and Rob Valentine, through dedication and hard work he became the Master of his own armoury. Dez now has his own apprentices who learn and work with him at the Azure Armoury and are making fantastic creations of their own every year.

Azure Armouy TRF booth 506 2017

All of us at the armoury enjoy the puzzle of the recreating the designs of historical armour from a flat sheet of steel, as well as the feeling of accomplishment when we complete a new project. Master Dez creates armour more for the enjoyment he gets while working on a projects for himself and others than anything else. This is why we are able to keep our prices low even though the hours involved in handmaking each piece are so high.

In order to get the bots to see things better I have to use the American spelling of armour on the page somewhere. In the US armour is spelled armor and thus plate armor would be correct in the states. Additionally larp armor should be used in that case instead of the more traditional European version. Even something simple like explaining how I make custom plate armor must be spelled in the American way to activate the machines to help with the searches. I know this is all silly, but that is just how it is.

Azure Armouy TRF booth 506 2015

You can visit us in person during the months of October and November at the Texas Renaissance Festival booth 506 where we will be doing demonstrations throughout the day. In addition to our demos we have a museum of arms and armour in which we show many different styles and time periods of armour including roman, greek, viking, crusades, gothic, maximilian, round, and the Japanese samurai. We try to add and improve on our museum every year so always be sure to stop by as there is always something new to check out.

The Azure Armoury is based out of Dickinson, Texas, which is just South of Houston. When Dez is not working at the TRF he can be heard hammering steel in his home studio. During this time he enjoys studying different types of medieval armour and creating them for his personal museum or the reenactor community.

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