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Good Armour Examples
The best place to learn about armour (other than at the Azure Armoury of course) is in a museum. Some museums have better pieces on display than others and some can be difficult to find and navigate but here are some of our favorites.

Art Institute of Chicago
New York Met
Royal Armouries Collection

Worcester Art Museum


Gambesons are worn under armour and come in a large range of quality and accuracy. If you are looking for something inexpensive you can try
Museum Replicas but if you want something of the highest quality you really don't have many better options than Medieval Market. My bespoke gambeson from Medieval Market is one of the finest garments I own and was made to my specifications, I cannot recommend them enough.

Leather and Buckles
It is inevitable, the leathers on your armour will at some point need to be replaced or a buckle will fail. When that happens it can be an easy at home fix with a little bit of effort and a call to
Tandy Leather. This is where we get all our leather and buckles, the rivets we do ourselves and you can see a video on how to pein your own rivets and do minor repairs at home just like us.

Plumes are the decoration seen at the back of some helmets. These brightly colored feathers served to identify the wearer to friend and foe across the battlefield. These feathers can be found at some hobby shops but if you want a large selection of quality plumage you should really check out
Feather Palace. This is where I get my plumes and while sometimes a bit more costly than the local guy the selection and quality are worth the extra expense.

Custom Knives and Blades
We do not make custom knives and blades but are asked frequently enough that we are including a few great resources here.

Pheonix Forge: Alan Bedgood has been making knives for some time now and he is both reasonable and will produce a quality piece. You can reach him at

Angel Sword
: We have been friends with the team at Angel Sword for over a decade. These guys really know their stuff and if you know what you want they will surely be able to help you out.

Custom Chainmail
White Rook Chain is the team we've worked with for years. Chris is quite knowledgeable and does some fine work. Most of what you will see on their site is jewlery but they are quite adept at armour pieces as well.
You can reach them at

Azure Armoury Custom Sizing Guide
The below link is for when we are making a custom item for an individual. These measurement locations are most but not always all of the information required for us to get a nice fit for your unique item. Please send measurements in imperial units (inches/feet) and measure with a cloth tape being sure to not be overly tight or loose so we have an accurate measurement of your body.

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