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interview with Ruben Dominguez

Fox News with Ruben Dominguez


Fox News reached out with the help of my friends at Baileigh Industrial. This time we did a full morning segment in Dez's home workshop. Ruben and Dez had a great time chatting when the camera was off and when it came on it was right to work. and just as soon as we started we are done and waiting on the next set. It was fun to work this way as there was a lot of relaxing time between shoots... Next time need doughnuts though.

You can find the video here.

interview with Debra Duncan Great Day

Great Day Houston With Deborah Duncan, 2018

One early morning in September we were offered a short segment on Great Day Houston, a local morning television show. This was our first venture into the world of television and boy what a rush. Dez got there early in the morning and after talking over the plan with Producer Rafael and meeting Deborah Duncan we were ready to film. It seemed like the time just flew by, as Dez and Deborah chatted about armour and how it is made. She even helped put a rivet in and got to wear some plate by the end of our time together. You can find the video here.

habsburg splendor hmfa azure armoury

Habsburg Splendor

Museum Of Fine Arts Houston, 2012

When the Habsburg Splendor exhibit came to town we were invited to speak and preform at the Houston Museum Of Fine Arts. During our visit we gave lectures to the patrons of the Museum about the parts of armour, how they were made, how they were used, and concluded by  dressing a knight in armour. Beyond this we had the opportunity to meet some new friends and let some people lay their hands on with some pieces that they may otherwise have never had the opportunity to.

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